Wallpaper Removal

You have finally had it, and the wallpaper from 34 years ago must be taken down. When it’s time, call your local Arlington, TX wallpaper removal experts at 817-789-5441 to get the job done quickly so you can move on with your life.

Should You Use a Professional?

Wallpaper removal is not necessarily a difficult job. However, it is extremely time-consuming and messy, especially if you’re not a professional. Each step must be done completely and precisely to prevent damage to the underlying sheetrock and to minimize bumps in your future paint job and any blemishes in special paint work. At times, special tools and equipment may be needed that your technician is likely to have on hand already, making it easier and less costly to complete the project.

How is Wallpaper Removed?

Removing Wallpaper

Wallpaper removal is not as simple as it appears. Call the experts and save yourself some time!

Wallpaper is removed in three layers. The first layer to come off is the facing or the decorative part of the wallpaper. This layer is fairly easy to come off and tends to give the novice remover a slight sense of confidence. Then, it gets a little more tricky. After the facing, the backing must be removed. Professionals will use a solvent to dampen the backing to make it easier to scrape off. Some professionals will use steamers to help release the backing from the wall. This is not an easy task, and all of the backing and leftover paste must be removed completely.

Once the wallpaper is completely removed, the wall will likely need to be patched and sanded to cover any divots, dents or cracks to help the new paint go on smoother and more uniform. Before painting a coat of primer will be needed to ensure proper sticking and setting of the new paint.

Don’t let that old, drab wallpaper get the best of you, and don’t wait any longer to remove it. Our expert painters are ready to complete your wallpaper removal in Arlington, TX and everywhere in the metroplex. Call our consultants at 817-789-5441 to schedule your home’s evaluation today!