Textured Painting

Textured paint in Arlington, TX can be a great way to add depth, dimension, and life to a dull room. Our professional painters can use traditional techniques or help you create the look you want using a brand new technique. When you want a truly customized textured painting, call 817-789-5441 to speak with our experts.

What Is Textured Painting?

Texured Painting

Achieving a textured look isn’t as easy as it seems. Your professionals at Pro brush Painting can help you get the look you want.

Textured paint is using sheetrock mud and a set of shaping tools to mold mud into the shape desired. After the mud has been molded to suit, the pattern is allowed to dry and painted for a finished, textured area. Textured painting can take hours, and should be mixed by an experienced professional in order to ensure the correct application consistency.

Hand Textures

Hand texturing is done with smaller tools and applied thinly and in uniform strokes to create a “skipping” look throughout. Skip trowelling, one of the most common hand textures spreads sheetrock mud in a small, round skipping pattern. The Santa Fe mix looks similar, but the pattern is much closer together, unlike the double skip technique, which uses a more spaced out pattern. Stomp knockdown flattens the peaks of the mud to get a more uniformed, line look without the pointed tips.

Spray Textures

These textures are applied with a sprayer and have a plaster mixture added to help create the textured look. Orange peel texture is created by spraying the plaster directly to the wall and is available in fine, medium, and coarse texture. The splatter knockdown texture uses a spray formula and knockdown technique for application, making it a great choice for ceilings and hard to reach areas.

Textures can add a unique spark to an otherwise drab room. Create your own stylish accent in your home by calling our painting experts at 817-789-5441 to get started. Our experts will walk you through the process to help you choose the right materials and patterns for your project. When you want beautifully textured paint in Arlington, TX call the experts at Pro Brush Painting.