Skip Trowel Texture

In Arlington, TX, skip trowel texture technique is a popular option for adding dimension to a room. The texture is simple yet elegant for a subtle difference within the space. Together with a great paint job and custom finish, skip trowel texturing can recreate your space and make it as unique as you are, without breaking your bank. For a perfect hand trowel finish, call 817-789-5441 to schedule your consultation with our painting and texture specialists.

What is Skip Trowel Texture?

Skip trowel is a type of texturing technique that uses a hand trowel or a flat elongated mud tool to spread sheetrock mud in a flat, round skipping pattern. The texture that is left is smooth and sporadic to create a nonuniform, abstract look without detailed points or peaks. While skip trowel texturing can be done on your own, a professional painter is recommended due to the long process and pattern skill that is required. Painting experts can offer a flawless pattern with no cracks or dents in the texture itself and can take the time to create a perfect look.

Skip Trowel

When you want a unique look without the hassle, call a professional at Pro Brush Painting!

While there are multiple styles of texturing techniques, the skip trowel pattern offers the best combination of depth, elegance, and simplicity. Some patterns, such as double skip have a more sporadic pattern, while others such as stomp knockdown offer a more detailed, higher peaked pattern option. Skip trowel texturing is long lasting because it is not a high peak pattern. Instead, the texture is wide and knocked down, allowing less break-off and cracking.

Once our team of professionals has completed your space’s texture, we can apply the paint style and brand of your choice. We can also add specialized finishes and detail to make your look one of a kind. To speak with one of our consultants about your room’s texture options, or to get more information about skip trowel in Arlington, TX, call us at 817-789-5441.