Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Are you considering finally getting rid of your 80’s style popcorn ceiling? For quick, quality popcorn ceiling removal in Arlington, TX, call our Painting and surface specialists at 817-789-5441.

When to Call a Professional

If you are considering having your popcorn ceiling removed, test for asbestos first!

You can buy an asbestos testing kit at a home supply store, or call a professional to test your popcorn materials. If asbestos is found, call a professional for removal as the dust and debris can be very dangerous if breathed in.

The popcorn ceiling removal process is a long one. Your project technician will soak and scrape your ceiling in small sections using a drop cloth to catch the downfall. Each section is hand scraped completely smooth before moving on to the next section. Once the entire ceiling is completely scraped, we will patch and fill in any holes or damages to the sheetrock and primer your ceiling.

Our experienced painters can add texture or keep a flat look when painting your ceiling after popcorn removal. 

Popcorn Ceiling

Popcorn ceiling removal can help open and brighten your living space.

Traditional Flat Finish

Your ceiling can be completed with a traditional flat paint application that will open up and brighten your room with no extra time or hassle. We can also use your preferred brand of paint. If you don’t have a preferred brand, our professionals will be glad recommend a brand and type that will be best for your project.

Faux and Custom Finishes

If you’re looking for a little more pop in your room, a faux or custom finish may be a good fit. Faux painting can imitate the texture and look of almost any surface material including rock, brick, marble, or tile. Custom finishes can be applied to match any color, texture, or style within your home, and add a tying factor to your whole room.

When you are looking for quality popcorn ceiling removal around Arlington, TX, don’t settle for a standard removal and paint job. Call our experts first at 817-789-5441 and experience the Pro Brush Painting difference!