Wrought Iron Painting

Has your wrought iron fence seen better days? Is it becoming more of an eyesore than a display of beauty? Wrought iron paint in Arlington, TX can fade and peel, causing it to look bad and allow rust to take over. Our team of experts can eliminate the rust and repaint your fence, restoring its beauty and strength. Call us at 817-789-5441 to discuss your wrought iron painting options.

The Benefits of Painting your Wrought Iron

Wrought Iron Banister

In-home wrought iron is beautiful. Keep it that way with Pro Brush Painting.

While wrought iron is known for its durability and longevity, it can be prone to rust and chemical breakdown.

Outdoor use can cause weathering and water damage that ends in rust and wear. Painting your wrought iron fences and gates will help to protect them from weather, sun, and water damage. With the substantial amount of color choices available, painting your outdoor wrought iron can also add an element of beauty to your property.

Wrought iron used indoors is also in danger of eroding elements. Banisters, handrails, and other wrought iron trim can become built up with oils from our hands, and dust and moisture from the air. Painting your indoor wrought iron will allow you to match any color scheme or style in your home, and can keep it looking vibrant and new.

Reasons to Use a Professional

Wrought iron paint is available in multiple types and formulas, making it difficult to know which is best for your project. Primers can be made of resin, water or oil based, and even organic. Paints can come in vinyl or acrylic formulas, oil based enamel, silicone and epoxy based, and yes, organic. Knowing the correct primer and paint combination for your project is essential to its success. Factors that help professionals decide which combination will be most beneficial include environment, local weather conditions, and traffic amount. Letting an expert handle the details of your project will save you time and the frustration of a redo sooner than expected.

Our painting specialists will complete your wrought iron painting project including prep cleaning and scraping, priming, and multi coat paint application. We will also uncover, un-tape, and reset all furniture and fixtures. When your fencing, gates, or home needs a new coat of wrought iron paint in Arlington, TX, call our painting specialists at 817-789-5441 to get the job done right without busting your wallet.