Faux Painting Services

A quality faux paint job can look absolutely exquisite. Faux painting in Arlington, TX can be made to resemble marble, stone, granite, wood, and even concrete, and can be created indoors or outdoors for the perfect look anywhere. Call our painting specialists at 817-789-5441 to find out how you can create a completely personalized look for your space.

What Is Faux Painting?


Faux Painting

Get the look you want without the cost with faux painting

Faux painting is the art of creating a design inside the paint while applying it in order to create the look of a certain type of texture. Faux painting takes great skill to get correct and is very time-consuming. Faux painting is not recommended for a novice painter as it can end up leading to a messy situation without direct knowledge of how to mix and spread the paint.


Indoor Faux Painting

A faux paint job can be created in any room and can serve as extra detail or as a matching texture. This technique can be used to create an accent for an existing fireplace or to create depth in the kitchen by adding a granite look to the wall or backsplash area. Use a faux finish in the bathroom to enhance stone or marble work.

Outdoor Faux Painting


Faux Style Painting

Create matching looks in your home without having to remodel.

Utilize a faux paint job on an outer wall to mirror an existing stone fountain, or apply a faux finish to your porch area for more depth in your patio area. Stone faux paint jobs are ideal for sidewalks that need sprucing up.



Cabinets and Doors

When you want a wood grain look without having to reface your cabinets or replace your doors, go for a faux finish. Our professionals can create original, uniform wood grain patterns in any tint of wood including Oak, Pine, Mahogany, and Cherrywood.

A faux paint job can create a customized look in any space, and add beauty and style to your home. If you are considering faux painting in your home, call our experts today at 817-789-5441 to discuss your options and how to get your perfect look.