Eco-Friendly Painting Services

We understand your commitment to a better environment. At Pro Brush Painting, we offer multiple brands of eco-friendly paint throughout Arlington, TX and the DFW metroplex. Our experts will discuss your project and deliver thorough product information about today’s environmentally friendly interior and exterior painting options, their VOC (volatile organic compound) levels, pigment formulas, and biocide inclusion. Call us today at 817-789-5441 for more information on the benefits of eco-friendly paint.

The Benefits of Eco-Friendly Choices

Environmentally Friendly Paint

Eco-friendly paint offers vibrant colors and durability.

Environmentally friendly paint cuts out the use of high VOC formulas that release harmful chemicals into the air for up to 3 months after painting. Some of these chemicals can include formaldehyde, benzene, nitrogen, and sulfur. With extended exposure, these chemicals have been known to cause nausea, respiratory problems, kidney issues, and even eye problems. Formulas that use petroleum bases distribute production waste into the air upon creation, whereas the eco-friendly formulas can be acrylic, water, or even milk based, producing cleaner air both inside and outside your home.


Eco-Friendly Interior Paint

Eco-Friendly Painting

Don’t sacrifice principles for beauty. We offer multiple eco-friendly paint options.

Environmentally friendly interior paint options are fairly extensive and easy to find. However, not all brands are made alike. Interior paint is available in low or no VOC, non-toxic formulas. While all formulas have some biocide to protect against mold and mildew, interior paint can be found with minimal amounts. These paints can also offer natural pigment ingredients and are available in almost every color and shade.

Eco-Friendly Exterior Paint

Although low biocide formulas aren’t available in exterior paint, there are formulas that are made with zinc oxide instead of more dangerous and harmful chemicals. Exterior paints are still available in low VOC formulas, and in many color choices, organic pigmenting is used.

Environmentally friendly painting choices are more popular than ever, and our professionals can help you decide which formula is best for you. Our team of consultants will discuss the eco-friendly product options and procedures before making decisions on your home to ensure your comfort and satisfaction on all decisions for your home. Call our experts at 817-789-5441 to learn more about the benefits of eco-friendly paint in Arlington, TX, and how your paint can be greener.