Trim and Drywall Repair

Whether your movers put your table leg through your wall or the last dance recital rehearsal didn’t go quite as planned, chances are that at some point you will need trim and drywall repair in Arlington, TX. Small holes and damages can sometimes be repaired using a simple repair kit from your local hardware store. Other damages will need more attention and skill and should be left to a professional to keep from creating more damage or problems. When you need drywall or trim repair, call our experts at 817-789-5441 for fast, reliable service, every time.

Drywall Repair


Properly done drywall repair will allow your paint to go on smoothly, without bumps or dents.

We have probably all had the hole behind the door that got swung open a little too hard. Small damages can sometimes be repaired yourself. The drywall hole will need to be sanded and repaired, then taped and mudded. Typically small repairs should only take a few hours minus drying time and can be done following the detailed instructions included in drywall repair kits.

Other repairs may have been caused by water leaks or large objects. These repairs usually require a sheet or more of drywall being replaced and are much more difficult. Larger drywall repairs can take a few days with drying time, and require skilled work for an even finish. Our experts will repair your drywall with no stress to you, and get home back to normal quickly.

Once your drywall is repaired, our painting specialists can repaint the surface using a traditional style and color, or we can add a personalized texture or finish to the project for a completely unique look. Our experienced professionals will discuss all your painting and finishing options with you prior to beginning the project to ensure that you are kept in the loop and completely satisfied with your finished project.

Trim Replacement

Home Trim

Trim can add a beautiful touch to any fixture.

When you have that single piece of trim that simply won’t stay down anymore, or if it’s simply time for a new look, our professionals can replace your trim with custom trim for any space in your home. Our specialists will discuss all of your trim options with you to discover the best choice for your home and install it quickly and professionally for a flawless finished product.

When you are looking for trim replacement or drywall repair in Arlington, TX, call us at 817-789-5441 for the quickest, most qualified painters in the area.