Deck Staining

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The Benefits of Deck Staining

Deck Stain

For a beautiful deck that outlasts Texas weather, call our professionals today!

Staining your deck and fence is important for its longevity and durability. When wood is left untreated, it can rot, which compromises its strength. Staining your fence and deck can help protect the wood from rain, UV rays, and mold and mildew build up that can lead to rot and cause ugly discoloration. Stain also protects the look of your wood, keeping it fresh and vibrant instead of gray and drab.

Whether your deck is wood or composition, it is able to be painted or stained. Wood decks are advised to stain at installation, and then every 2-5 years after that, depending on the type of stain that is used.

Transparent Stains

These stains showcase the natural beauty of your wood and still provide UV and water protection. These stains should be reapplied every year in order to keep their protective qualities.

Stained Bar

Heavy use and foot traffic can wear your wood. Keep it beautiful with a professional stain.

Semi Transparent Stains

For a deeper, darker look that lasts up to three years, a semi transparent stain should be applied. These stains tend to have higher UV protection than transparent versions, will protect against mold and mildew, and also have damage hiding qualities for fading or weather stained wood.

Solid Stains

For the longest protection without reapplication, your best choice is a solid stain. These are a great option for hiding discoloration in your wood, as well as protecting against mold, mildew, weather, and UV rays. Solid stains are capable of lasting up to five years, depending on foot traffic.


Stained Wood

Protect the beauty of your deck with our professional staining service.

Our professional painting team will discuss each of your staining options, and decide which is best for your Arlington, TX deck stain. We can also add custom trim or finish work to any project for a completely unique look. When you’re ready to begin, don’t worry about the prep work. We will perform thorough prep work, including cleaning, old paint removal, and patching and repairing, as well as complete priming of the area. There’s no need to worry about clean up when our team is on the job because after we complete the project, we do a complete pickup. We un-tape and uncover everything and replace any furniture and fixtures so you can simply enjoy your new staining. Let our team of professionals take the work out of your staining project. Call 817-789-5441 today to schedule a consultation.