Custom Finishes

Custom paint jobs in Arlington, TX are a great way to add a little something extra to your room. They can be completely customized to match the look, feel, and style of any room or outdoor space. Call 817-789-5441 to speak with a consultant about the custom finishes our painting specialists can achieve.

Faux Finishes

A well done faux finish can mimic almost any material including stone, marble, granite, and even concrete. Our professional painter can create a customized faux finish in any color or tint for your next project.

Venetian and Clay Plaster

Plaster is used when trying to create an “old world” look. The plaster is hand spread to create a texture used in eighteenth and nineteenth century Europe, and can be layered with other custom finish products such as metallics glazes, and stains. The plaster itself can also be tinted to get the perfect look for your home.

Stain, Metallic, and Glaze Finishes

Give your room the exact finish you want with a customized finish. Metallic finishes can offer a sparkle and glimmer that’s simply unbeatable, while glazes offer an unparalleled shine. Are you looking for a richer tint but don’t want to change the color? Our customized tints can be mixed to be as light or dark as you would like to enhance the beauty of any wood construct.

Hand Texture Techniques

Customized Finish

Your finish can be d=created to look any color and style you can imagine.

Add dimension to your room with hand texturing by our painting experts. We can accomplish any look using techniques such as skip trowelling, Santa Fe mix, hawk and trowel or stomp knockdown. Each texture creates a specific pattern in the sheetrock mud for a completely personalized look.

Customized finishes are beautiful, but can be difficult to achieve. The correct mix of paint, plaster, tint, and primer is essential for the proper application and set of the formula. A well-done custom finish can last years. However, if not done correctly, your finish may look messy and begin to peel soon after application. To ensure your perfect custom paint jobs in Arlington, TX, call our expert painters at 817-789-5441 to schedule a consultation.