Bathroom Remodeling Solutions

Does your bathroom look old and out of date? Do you cringe when guests ask to use it? Maybe it’s time to remodel your current bathroom into a fresh, modern bath space. With the help of our experienced team, your Arlington, TX bathroom remodel will transform your bathroom into a unique expression of your family. Call us today at 817-789-5441to discover how easy your Arlington, TX bathroom remodel can be.

Our Services


Bathroom Remodel

When it’s time to update your bath space, call the experts for a great job the first time.

Our experienced professionals will evaluate your bathroom and discuss your possible options, including material information, procedure explanations, and cost and timeline estimates in order to keep you in the loop and able to make the best decisions for your home. We will walk you through texture techniques, custom finishes, and even popcorn ceiling repair to ensure you are informed of the benefits and downfalls of each option.


Bathroom Redo

For a professional look every time, call the experts first.

Our custom painting service will have your bathroom looking like a brand new room. We can apply your planned color scheme, paint style, and accents, or our experts can guide you through the planning process to assist in picking the best choices for your space. Once the plans are finalized, our team will perform thorough prep work such as cleaning and sanding, patching, and priming to ensure a smooth, uniform paint job.


Your bathroom cabinets are the cornerstone to the room’s look. Our professionals will refinish or repaint your cabinets to create a new, appealing look and style to match the paint and detail work. Your cabinets will be hand sanded, smoothed, and primed before refinishing to ensure paint adhesion.


Your home’s bathroom is one of the most popular spaces in the entire house. When it has lost its comfort or just needs an update, call the professionals at 817-789-5441 and begin your bathroom remodel in Arlington, TX today.