Interior Painting in Winter

The winter time is a fun season full of laughter and merriment, decorations go up for the holidays and New Year’s which can provide a magical environment for your home. Changing up the colors of your walls can add to the joyous atmosphere of your home, as well as provide a boost to your mood when the skies are grey! Interior painting in the winter has many benefits and is very practical as well! It may be a good idea to contact your local painting contractors to start a new year fresh!

Interior Painting

Winter interior painting is an ideal time for a change, freshen up for the the new year!

Winter Inspired Interior Paint Colors
Here are some fun 2019 color trends to spark your creativity! We’ve selected a few and listed them below that we feel are extra snazzy and seasonally friendly! The best thing about starting a painting project is that preferences differ and creativity is boundless!

  • Alexandrite (cool cedar green)
  • Borscht (muted maroon red)
  • Pure White (off white)
  • Afternoon (canary yellow)
  • Naval (muted greyish navy blue)
  • Grizzle Gray (mid-dark cool gray)
  • Dark Night (dark teal green)

Save on Time & Money

The winter time is the best time to paint interiors as interior painting services have more flexibility around schedules if you choose to undergo a commitment. Whether you are away on holiday or present in the home while you’re naturally off from work, they will work with you more readily during the slow season.

What’s more, if you’d like a faster turnover, you’ll be able to request additional painters on your team as there is a possibility that less projects would hold them away.

Winter mornings also have the sun rising earlier than normal, take advantage of the earlier daylight when scheduling your interior painting!

Is it OK to paint indoors in the winter?

Wintertime is an ideal time for painting as the humidity (moisture particles) in the air are less so paint won’t have as much trouble evaporating or drying. Paint won’t properly bond to the walls if the liquid component in the paint remains when the air is wet. Please keep in mind that certain room temperatures are ideal for interior painting in winter. Walls are often colder than the overall temperature of a room, and during the winter time the outside chill may permeate indoors.

What temperature does it need to be to paint inside?

The ideal interior painting temperature is above 60℉. Paint is never recommended below 50℉ as this can result in adherence issues and longer drying times. Below you will find the risks of not cranking your thermostat high enough whilst painting in the cold.

Painting In Cold Weather

Painting in cold weather that is below the ideal room temperature can elongate dry time, hinder performance and overall appearance. Please keep in mind that certain paints react differently when the temperature is too cold.

Alkyd and oils paints have resins and and natural oils that become more thick in lower temperatures. Additionally, the slower evaporation rates in lower than ideal painting temperatures can cause latex based paints to freeze. In both of these cases, special additives can resist this phenomena or help thin them down.

Keep in mind that latex paint in 75℉ has a dry time of 4 hours, if temperatures are less than 50℉ it will be extended by 6 hours. For alkyd paints, this lower temperature extends it to 48 hours! Yikes!

With cold weather painting, a variety of pitfalls can come about such as uneven color uniformity, a more likelihood of water spotting, poor stain-resistance, inadequate touch-ups and random film cracks.

Remember, as long as you are aware of the ideal room and wall temperatures for interior painting in the winter, these issues are avoidable. Don’t dampen your spirits! Be mindful of the information provided for your convenience so you may have a successful painting experience!

Contact Your Local Painting Service

Interior painting is a fun process, contact your local painting service for assistance now!

If you are unsure about correct paints and formulas to use and how to work with them, no worries! Your local residential painting services are trained and well equipped with knowledge and know-how on how to avoid common painting obstacles! Painting in the wintertime does not need to be a hassle as long as you know what to avoid!

Even if you want a second opinion of certain design elements, picking the right colors or the logistics of placement in certain rooms, ask us! We’re happy to assist in accordance to your style and layout needs! Interior painting is fun when you swap ideas and collaborate on the logistical elements of your design!

Revamp your home with fun colors and themes that match with the season and the upcoming new year!

Set up a consultation with us so we can go over any and all details or questions you may have! We look forward to hearing from you at (817) 789-5441 here at Arlington, TX!