Storage Tank and Structure Painting

Your industrial tanks and structures are the backbone of your business, so don’t neglect them. When you need industrial painting in Arlington, TX, call the experts at 817-789-5441. We will evaluate your project and present options and product information to help you make the best decision for your business.

The Benefits of Industrial Painting and Reinforcement

Painting, lining, and coating your industrial structures can help protect them against chemical and environmental corrosion, weather damage, and leaks. Keeping your tanks, handrails, and other industrial structures also improves the appearance and appeal of your business. In some cases lining and coating your structures is required, and not doing so can result in fines or shut down. Many industrial painting products are available in eco-friendly versions with low or no VOCs, so you can preserve you environmentally friendly principles without sacrificing your business.

Structure Painting

Commercial Painting

Painting your structures and railings helps protect them against corrosion and deterioration.

Not only will painting your structures make them more presentable, but industrial painting also offers protection from weather and corrosion. Industrial paint can be used on steel structures, railings, tanks, silos, and more, and offers protection from moisture, wind, UV rays, and toxins within the air. Your painting experts will sandblast your structure down to its base then sand rough areas to ensure good adhesion. We have multiple paint choices available and are happy to use your preferred brand also.

Structure Coatings

Industrial coatings are available in materials such as epoxy and urethane. These products can be fire and chemical resistant, as well as being resistant to weather and other environmental elements. Our industrial painting team can apply your industrial tank and structure coating properly and following all EPA, city, and county guidelines.

Structure Lining

As with painting and coating, structural lining prevents corrosion in tanks holding, water, chemicals, petroleum, or any other substance. Industrial linings can be made from a multitude of materials including epoxy, rubber, Teflon, and baked phenolic, and help prevent leaks and seepage through the tank or structure. When you need chemical protection you can trust, call our experienced professionals. We will assess your project to help decipher the correct type of coating, and apply it within all guidelines and regulations.

Whether you are repainting to enhance your structure’s appearance or applying a lining for environmental protection, our professionals can help you decide the right products for you. When you need structural lining and coating or industrial painting in Arlington, TX call our team of certified commercial painting experts at 817-789-5441 to ensure your project is done right.