Can I Stain My Cabinets?

Painting Kitchen Cabinets in Dark Honey Color

How Much Does it Cost to Get Cabinets Stained?

Painting kitchen cabinets can have varying costs. Refinishing cabinets can cost $2,767 on average, and has a usual price range of $1,665 and $3,883. It is important for homeowners to comprehend that refinishing or staining cabinets is dramatically cheaper than a new cabinet installation or refacing the cabinets themselves. Property owners can expect to pay between four dollars to ten dollars per square foot. This cost includes the labor and materials required for staining, lacquering, varnishing, and the paint or shellac. The glaze for a vintage look runs between ten dollars and twenty-five dollars per square foot.

Is it Easy to Stain Kitchen Cabinets?

Kitchen remodeling is an excellent project that increases the resale value of the home. Part of the kitchen remodeling process is the staining of the kitchen cabinets. With regard to whether or not it is easy, the best determinant is research. After enough research has been done to determine the scope of the project, the cost of the materials, and the overall time spent on the project, the homeowner can then determine whether or not a professional should be called for the task. Inevitably, the steps include sanding, conditioning, then staining the cabinets. The overall time expenditure is not unreasonable, but enough time must be allocated in order for the job to be done right. 

What is the Most Popular Stain Color for Kitchen Cabinets?

There are a number of immensely popular kitchen cabinet wood stains on the market. Homeowners tend to select an overall natural look for their wood finishes. One of the most popular stain colors for kitchen cabinets is a warm, light blond color, reminiscent of honey. Another very desired wood stain color incorporates a deeper reddish tone, looking very natural and slightly earthy. A deeper reddish color such as the one previously described tends to complement both lighter and darker-colored furniture and decor. Deep, rich colors in the spectrum of mahogany and peppercorn give new, modern kitchens a luxurious touch.

Is it Better to Stain or Paint Cabinets?

In the process of determining whether or not the cabinets in your kitchen should be stained or painted, proper consideration must be made. Many home improvement enthusiasts can attest that either staining or painting the kitchen cabinets can have an admirable effect for years to come. Ultimately, the choice will boil down to the homeowner’s personal preference. Cabinets that have been painted will have a continuous, uninterrupted finish with no variations whatsoever. Stains, on the other hand, have a far less dense viscosity, which allows the stain to be absorbed directly into the wood. An excellent wood stain will truly showcase the wood grain and any other unique characteristics of the wood species. 

Cabinet Staining Before and After

One of the most admirable features of wooden cabinets is their lovely versatility. If the stain on your wood cabinets is looking diminished, refinishing the wood can greatly transform the overall look of the kitchen or bathroom in the process. During the selection process of the new wood stain, it will be important to procure a sample of the finish and test it in an inconspicuous place. Please make sure that the sample has fully dried before taking stock of whether that specific finish is the correct choice. Time management is an important part of home ownership. A roof inspection can greatly assist homeowners with ascertaining what home improvement projects need to be addressed. Whether cabinet painting or asphalt shingle replacement is in order, it’s important to consult a local, reputable company.

Can You Restain Wood Cabinets?

It is certainly possible to restain wood cabinets. One of the most important features of wood cabinets is their durability, and their ability to beautifully display many different wood stains. Different stains can enable the beauty of the wood to shine through while matching different interiors. Over time, even the most beautiful wood or oak cabinets can become scratched or faded. One of the best solutions for wooden cabinets, particularly those made of fine wood, such as oak, is restaining. Oak is an exceptional wood because it looks lovely with practically any stain due to its strong grain pattern and open pores that absorb stains well. It is important for homeowners to note that when choosing a stain color, the color must either match the existing color or be darker. A stain alone will not lighten the wood.

Cabinet Paint Brands

Many different cabinet paint brands have come to the forefront of today’s market in painting kitchen cabinets. One of the paint brands that tops the list is the Farrow & Ball Full Gloss Paint. This particular brand is celebrated for its vivacious array of colors and its excellent durability. Farrow & Ball was originally formed in England and is now available in the U.S. at premium paint suppliers. Another brand that consumers love is the Benjamin Moore Advance Interior Satin Paint. This particular paint brand is a nationwide favorite. Higher gloss paints equate to lower surface porosity, so stains and fingerprints won’t stick as easily, however, there is a significant desire amongst homeowners for a lower sheen, such as satin, which produces a humbler glow.

Cabinet Staining Cost

For homeowners looking for a natural way to update their kitchen or bathroom space, a fresh cabinet stain, or painting kitchen cabinets, is an approachable way of accomplishing this goal. According to a national website centered around consumer interests, customers have reported spending an average of $2,550 to stain wood veneer cabinets. The cost to stain solid wood will be much more expensive, with a number close to $9,000 with the cost variable dependent upon the number of cabinets.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets in Medium Brown Color

Cabinet Staining Ideas

With so many home improvement websites and magazines available, there are a plethora of cabinet stain ideas to choose from. Please consult the following list to determine which cabinet stain idea appeals to your sense of interior design.

  • Blonde. Blonde stains are most often approximated to pine or oak cabinets. Blonde wood stains have an assuredly traditional look and are a popular choice in kitchens.
  • Brown. Dark brown cabinets have become a modern staple for up-to-date kitchen design. These dark touches look refreshingly elegant when paired with stainless steel appliances.
  • White. For the appearance of wood grain and a touch of vintage, painting kitchen cabinets white makes them practically sparkle when contrasted with dark grey countertops.

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