Painting Contractor in Venus, TX

For a professional painter that’s experienced in repair, custom finishes, garage floor coatings, and more, look no further than the Pro Brush Painters. We will work with our customers to provide knowledge and information about your project and materials to ensure you are completely satisfied with your job results. If you need an expert remodel service that listens to your ideas, call our professional painting team at (817) 789-5441.

Business Painting

Commercial WorkLook to our painting specialists when you want professional, reliable commercial painting in Venus, TX. Our painters work to ensure your satisfaction by giving impeccable service paired with material details and comprehensive coating service.

  • Hotel and Hospitality Keep the competitors back with our modern textures and personalized finishes that are guaranteed to make your space modern and inviting.
  • Apartment and Multi Family When you’re looking for a quality job and a fast turnaround on your apartment painting, speak with our painting professionals to deliver a fast painting job with personalized accents to help your rooms stand out from the crowd.In a competitive business like apartments and multi family, let our painters complete your painting assignments with customized features and a quick turnaround time.
  • Retail and Restaurant  Discover how our painting specialists can transform your restaurant or retail space into an inviting, modern environment that your customers don’t want to leave.
  • Office and Business When you’re seeking a corporate environment with a modern touch, call the experts at Pro Brush Painting to help you acquire the perfect style for your office.
  • Tank and Structure Painting For ultimate protection of your tanks and outer structures, speak with our experts. We will line your structure for unparalleled damage resistance.

Residential Painting

Home PaintingWhen you’re looking for unparalleled interior rehab projects in Venus, TX, call our experts first. Our experts specialize in individual accents to make your finished project truly original.

  • Exterior Painting Services Pro Brush Painting’s renovation services extend beyond your house to keep your whole property looking great. Learn about our barn, garage, fence, and deck painting and staining services.
  • Interior Painting Services Produce a masterpiece in your area that is as individual as you are with our personalized renovation, finish, and lining services.
  • Concrete and Garage Floor Coatings Our team of painting specialists will help you keep your garage floor looking clean and beautiful with our protective lining and painting services. Achieve a modern new look and extra life to your garage floors.
  • Custom Paint Finishes Using our hand created custom finishes, your space can be as individual as your family.

Remodeling Services

For the highest quality remodeling services in Venus, TX, contact the professionals at Pro Brush Painting. Our experts will renovate your kitchen and bath’s palette, detail work, and even cabinetry style to improve your space to its full potential.

  • Kitchen Solutions Our experts can deliver custom cabinet work, painting services, and specialty finishing to create a new style to your old space.
  • Bathroom Solutions If your bathroom seems like it’s stuck in 1984, contact our professionals to assist you in remodeling. The Pro Brush Painting team can modernize your bath space with individual color palettes and features unique to you.
  • Cabinet Staining and Resurfacing  If you need professional contracting services in Venus, TX, call the experts at Pro Brush Painting. Pro Brush Painting works with our customers throughout the process to produce a masterpiece that you will be proud of for years. Contact us today at (817) 789-5441 to set up a consultation.