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What is the Best Paint Color for an Office?

Paint Brushes Laying on Dozens of Color Swatches

Examining Your Office Paint Options

It’s a question building managers ask all the time. “What type of paint is best for interior walls?” There are so many elements to consider: quality, color, finish, and longevity. It’s scary weighing all your commercial painting options when the wrong choice could leave a bad taste in your mouth, or worse, cause a drop in productivity!

Today, we’re going to some critical facts to keep in mind as you browse through your paint options. We’ll go over some helpful tips later, including how to use office paint colors to increase productivity. By the end, you’ll feel inspired (and equipped) for your own company search!

Planning Office Paint Jobs

Before you even get to color, choosing a high quality material needs to take priority. Otherwise, you’ll be left repainting the office in just a few short years. You’ll also need to choose an appropriate finish.

Proper Quality

What Kind of Paint Do You Use in an Office?

Use a hardy trade paint that’s been well-reviewed by other companies. Is trade paint better than normal paint? Simply put, yes. The homeowner variants that you’ll find at your local Home Depot (and Lowes, etc.) aren’t manufactured to endure the higher density of people or hazards that commercial painting products withstand each day.

Think of a pediatrician or general practitioner’s office and all the hands that rub across the walls every day. Think of the local restaurants in your area and how long their paint jobs last. Even though homeowner paint products may be cheaper, they’d never endure all the chemicals and moisture that restaurants produce every day. Bottom line: make sure your paint choice is trade quality!

Choosing a Finish

What Paint Finish is Best?

People sometimes assume that they need the best (most durable) paint available on the market. Choosing a cost-effective paint for your environment means matching the durability with the expected level of foot traffic in that area. C-level suites, for instance, can get by with matte or flat paint products without any problems.

On the other hand, glossy paints can overcome practically any high-traffic environment, plus the hazards of plumbing maintenance, cleaning, etc. If you need a paint that can survive aggressive chemicals (or toddlers), stick with a semi-gloss or glossy finish.

Alluring Office Paint Ideas

Now we come to color choice, one of the most powerful factors impacting mood, productivity, and satisfaction. Below, you’ll find some useful tips on picking out your commercial painting solutions. For interesting studies on color and how it affects human psychology, check out this fascinating article.


Office Paint Colors to Increase Productivity

If you think neutral grays and tans are the most practical choices for your office walls, you might be putting your employees to sleep. Interior design experts recommend finding a color that matches your occupational dynamic. For instance, red often evokes a sense of excitement and energy that’s perfect for jobs with heavy physical elements.

On the other hand, experts recommend green for teams that sit in place for long hours. Eyes don’t have to adjust when they encounter the color, creating a motivated yet soothing environment. Even if you choose to stick with a neutral gray or brown, you can adopt these colors into other interior design elements for a pop of color (and a happier workplace).

Best Colors for Productivity

  • Green (Sedentary Jobs)
  • Red (Physical)
  • Orange
  • Yellow (Limited Amounts; Creatives)


Office Paint Ideas for Relaxing Customers

But what if you want a color that combats the natural anxiety and tension that certain businesses produce? That may take a bit of color psychology. In children’s hospitals, designers often fight the gloom with exciting yellows, oranges, bright blues, and even pink.

For adults, calming colors often produce better results. That’s why many doctor’s offices like to use restful blues that naturally ease anxiety. You may also try a soothing, middle-tone green.

Common Colors for Relaxation

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Purple

Color Matching

How Do I Match Paint Color?

Let’s say you’ve found an item in your house or at the store that perfectly fits your building design. The problem is, you don’t have the color’s name. Thankfully, there are plenty of phone apps and in-store matching services that can help you find that color. Behr and other popular paint brands have their own proprietary tools for convenient search.

If you plan on heading to the store (Home Depot, Lowes, etc.) anyway, make sure to bring an item with the color you like. Most businesses can get by with a one inch square of the product. With special blending tools available these days, finding a match (or a very, very close color) is practically guaranteed.

An Office Environment With a Blank Canvas on the Wall

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