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How to Start Home Remodeling

Home Remodeling Adds Modern Elements!

Planning Your Home Remodel

Home remodeling can be an interesting and exciting project to undergo! However, it’s best to not have our heads too up in the clouds with visions of how our home will look with cool upgrades and aesthetically pleasing improvements in design and look. There must be some logistical grounding elements that should be taken into consideration like planning, construction, budgeting and other areas of the process that’ll make the world go round. Here we’ll give you an idea and background information regarding home remodeling so you can start off on the right foot.

What does home remodeling mean?

Home remodeling essentially means that you’ll be updating existing structures of the home with cosmetic changes, this involves altering or remaking certain structures into different forms or features.

How much does it cost to remodel your home?

The national average in remodeling multiple rooms in a home is $43,037 with a typical range of $17,404-$68,860.

Home Remodeling vs Moving

You may be wondering if home remodeling may be worth more or less than simply moving. It’s honestly a coin toss and depends on what you find when your house hunting and if the house has the changes you were looking for or not. However, to throw caution to the wind, you may not know what issues you’ll be inheriting. A new home inspection report can have some problems that may not have been caught until later down the line. If the seller is making repairs, make sure that they are done by licensed contractors to avoid structural problems and costs of additional repairs from incorrect procedures.

Another thing to consider is that housing markets fluctuate and values haven’t gone back to 2006 levels, when the time is right it makes more financial sense to wait until it rebounds. Home remodeling often occurs quicker than you may anticipate, an average room addition can take 5 weeks, bathroom remodels 4-6 weeks and a complete kitchen remodel 6-8 weeks. What’s more, certain projects can be handled at the same time. Home remodeling is also a solid investment in home resales and increasing tax basis.  Home remodeling ROI or return over-investment can depend on the state, region or city that you live in. Recoup rates for rooms can range anywhere from 60-98% depending on several factors like energy efficiency, high-end upgrades and extent of changes.

Remodeling Planning is Essential in Organization!

What are the steps to remodeling a house?

You might want to first develop a blueprint, samples of materials, idea boards of new design elements or lists of options for appliances in some sort of home remodeling organizer. You can even develop a folder or binder of home remodeling before and afters. It’s especially important to develop a realistic timeline and factor in some extra days for situations where there could be delays in construction, ordering or sending materials over. Nothing goes perfectly, as soon as you get this idea into your head you’ll be more flexible to logistical changes. If you’re remodeling multiple rooms of a house develope an idea of what floors or rooms to tackle first or at the same time with in accordance with your remodeling contractor. They’ll most likely give you very relevant advice depending on the age of your home, size, and keeping with code for plumbing or electric connections.

In what order do you remodel a house?

Depending on the advice of your contractor these steps may alter in order.

  • The first thing to consider is demolishing or disposing of sections in the house that will be replaced or undergoing Restoration.
  • Conduct supportive or structural carpentry, this means beginning construction of new walls, doors, and beams for structural support.
  • If you’re installing new HVAC systems now is the time to add ducts, new electricity or plumbing connections.
  • Install insulation if necessary.
  • Close up new walls with drywall.
  • Install new windows or skylights.
  • Begin fine/non-supportive carpentry, this means adding baseboards, molding trim around doors and windows. Add built-in additions such as bookcases, breakfast nooks window seats and more.
  • Apply surface finishes like molding, trim, painting walls, hanging wallpaper, staining structures and seal the trim.
  • Install flooring
  • Install new appliances and light fixtures.
  • Begin working on auxiliary buildings outside of the home like sunrooms, swimming pools or additions.
Painting Adds Fresh Looks to Home Remodeling!

How do I prepare my home for renovations?

First thing’s first, develop a trusting and reliable practice of communication with your remodeling contractor, this will prevent any confusions over logistics from happening if any changes are made and you’ll feel more comfortable in updating one another as they occur. Secondly, develop a realistic timeline with your contractor that highlights the dates and times of the remodeling processes. Keep in mind that timelines may change in reaction to unforeseen events or weather. It may be best to develop a backup plan in these cases if possible, respect one another’s schedules as things may come up that prevent fast rescheduling. Thirdly, when the time comes, be sure to remove all items that may be damaged like furniture, valuable items, wall hangings etcetera from the remodeling areas. You may store them in your garage or other areas to avoid cluttering. Make sure they don’t block any entrance or exit areas of the workers. Additionally, plan to keep pets and children away from the construction areas. Finally, as an optional choice, you may want to cover high traffic areas with plastic sheets as remodeling often creates a lot of dust and possible debris.

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