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Enhancing Kitchen Space: 3 Snazzy but Affordable Cabinet Upgrades

Modern Kitchen

Resurfacing or Staining Your Cabinets Can Dramatically Brighten Your Kitchen Space.

Have you ever felt underwhelmed by the style of your cabinets? Thinking about remodeling your kitchen but don’t want to splurge? The good news is: there are ways to enhance your kitchen cabinet space without spending big on replacements. Consider one of these three amazing cabinet upgrades instead!

Cabinet Upgrade #1: Add a Fancy Pattern Design

Neutrals are fantastic. That doesn’t mean you can’t spice up your cabinet design with a little pattern work! Patterns are a great way to add a little flair without completely redoing your entire cabinet space, as it takes advantage of your existing color scheme. Talk with an expert and start playing around with pattern styles that pique your interest.

Cabinet Upgrade #2: Adopt a New Vibrant Color

Tired of white or brown cabinets? Throw those boring colors out the window and enhance your kitchen space with more vibrant coloring! Get a professional to resurface your cabinets and go crazy with your new color. If you want pink cabinets, that’s great; just make sure it matches your overall color scheme! You’d be amazed how a new hew can brighten up your kitchen.

Cabinet Upgrade #3: Use a Metallic or Faux Finish

When it comes to jaw-dropping style, it’s hard to outdo a marble cabinet. Instead of running to your kitchen and tearing out your perfectly lovely cabinets, consider a getting a new finish. The right expert can create a beautiful metal or faux finish that convincingly mimics marble, stone or granite material. Just imagine the design possibilities!

If you feel inspired by these ideas for cabinet upgrades and want to learn how to adapt them for your home, you can share your enthusiasm with one of our remodeling specialists at Pro Brush Painting. Give us a call at (817) 789-5441 and tell us all about it!