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Painting a Room Based on Colors Psychology

It’s a proven fact that colors can affect moods. That’s why people have favorite colors, companies meticulously pick out the color scheme of their brands and logos- because of how it will affect their customers’ moods. If you are thinking of painting a room, consider what mood you want to feel in that particular area and choose a color accordingly.

The Color Psychology of a Room

Painting A Room Based On Colors Psychology Can Trigger Certain Moods

Gray: Neutral color good for practicality. Very inviting.
Black: Shows dominance, intelligence, authority, and power
Red: Energetic, passionate, moody. Too dark of a red can make people irritable and claustrophobic.
Yellow: Bright- can induce calm and happiness, but too much yellow can irritate the eyes and have an opposite effect. Choose wisely, and consider having an accent yellow wall instead of an entire yellow room. Pale yellow is great for the kitchen as it makes the room feel sunny, helping you wake up over your breakfast.
Blue: Calming. It is the most commonly picked color because of its serene feeling.
Green: Restful and refreshing. Green is a stress reliever, and is even rumored to help with fertility so consider it as a color scheme for the bedroom.
Purple: Dramatic and sophisticated. Lighter colors like lilac or lavender invoke rest since they are healing flowers.
Orange: Enthusiasm and energy. Not a very popular choice, but great for exercise rooms or children’s’ play rooms.
White: Makes the room cooler and more refreshing, giving it a clean feel.
Brown: Gives off an earthy feel which helps make the room feel comfortable.


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