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Garage Floor Coatings, DIY or Not?

When it comes to upgrading your garage, you may be reluctant to get outside help. Some individuals look at their garage as their own personal workshop, but other people use it just as storage, or even a place to relax. No matter what you use the garage for, a sealed and coated floor can make it cleaner and more comfortable to be in, in addition to making it look much nicer. Today we will talk about different ways to coat your floor, and why professional assistance is your best bet.

Floor Painting

Blue Epoxy

Our Professional Epoxy Floor Applications Are Much More Durable Than DIY Kits!

Floor painting is just what it sounds like. Using a form of concrete paint, the floor is covered in several layers of a high gloss paint. In this scenario, the floor is not protected from corrosion, and it is unlikely to last much longer than a year if you use your garage daily. Heat from tires when you park your vehicle in the garage can even pull the paint right off.

Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy coatings are the better option for a garage floor, but there are some important things to remember. The epoxy kits you can buy at the home improvement store are not a good place to start. Those kits use acid washing to prepare the floor’s surface, which is inefficient, and sometimes ineffective. Without good preparation, the epoxy seal is doomed to fail, often within months of installation. Your best bet is to have a professional manually grind the floor’s surface, and apply a polyaspartic coating.

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