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Painting a House in Winter

Painting a house seems like a job best done when the weather is very pleasant, like springtime. Sometimes, however, homeowners do decide that they would like their houses painted in the winter. This is possible, and when it comes to painting a house in winter, and there are some tips to help you decide whether it’s the best decision for you.

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Painting a House in Winter Temperatures

A primary issue that may come with painting a house in winter is that low temperatures affect the pain and its drying time. There are low temperature compatible paints available for use, which can help avoid this problem. Generally, the weather should be over 35 degrees for the paint to work. However, there can still be some factors to consider.

Different surfaces are affected by cold temperatures in different ways. A painting contractor can tell you if your home’s siding can be well-painted in cold temperatures. Drying time changes in the cold, too. Paint takes longer to dry when it’s cold, so the project must have enough time to dry before the day ends and the temperatures get really cold.

Overall, while painting a house in winter is possible, it may be worth considering having your home painted before the season comes. In addition to lacking the problems that cold temperatures can cause, your home would be finished before that weather hit its peak. This could also help protect your home’s exterior from the damage winter can inflict.

Of course, the need for house painting doesn’t always come at a convenient time. Contact a professional paint contractor for advice on the best time to paint your house. Call Pro Brush Painting for painting contractors in Arlington, TX. You can reach us at (817) 789-5441 in any season.