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Finding The Best Paint Option

Painting ChoicesWhen repainting your home, there are many choices of paint to choose from, and the task can seem overwhelming. From acrylic and oil-based choices to matte or gloss finish, the options go on and on. Having a good idea on the different capabilities of each paint option can help you decide which is best for you. Knowing what sort of advantages and setbacks each paint type offers will help you to know which benefits you’re getting.

Formula Options

Oil based and water based paints both offer their advantages and downfalls. Oil-based paint is more durable than water-based latex paint, but it takes special chemicals such as turpentine to clean up. Oil-based paint also takes longer to dry. Enamel is a durable paint option and can be wiped clean easily. However, it is also the most expensive choice.

Finishing Options

A matte finish is the most common interior paint and has great coverage for blemishes on your walls. However, this paint is not easily washed and needs retouching to clean. Gloss and semi-gloss paints can offer easy cleaning but can show inconsistencies and blemishes easily. Enamel is the friendliest choice when it comes to cleaning and durability, but can be very pricey compared to other types of paint.

Deciding which type of paint to use can be an overwhelming decision. Decide what type of benefits you’re looking for from your paint to have a better idea of what type of paint you want. To learn more about the benefits of each paint option or to begin your painting project, call the experts at ProBrush Painting at 817-789-5441.