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Choosing The Right Color Scheme

When you are repainting or remodeling your home, you want to choose the best paint color scheme possible to create a vibrant uniform look throughout the space. Concentrating on particular ideas will help transform your room into a unique masterpiece.

Find Your Main Color

Color OptionsStart with the main color you will use. This will be the color that is used in the biggest pattern or centerpiece in the room. When you decide on the main paint color, the rest will be easy to build on.

Secondary Colors

Once you have chosen your main color, it’s time to choose your secondary colors. Choose these with the help of the other colors of your furniture, fixtures, and accents. Take note f the colors used in adjacent rooms to keep your look fluid throughout your home.

Use the Color Wheel

Remember way back in art class when you learned about complimentary colors? Luckily, if you don’t, Google is a great resource for finding your color wheel. Choose secondary and accent colors that compliment each other on the color wheel.

Implement Neutrals

The best way to make your bright, bold accent colors pop is to use neutrals throughout the room. These could be grays, browns, or even shades of white. These shades and tints will balance your color scheme so that it is relaxed and not overpowering.

When remodeling your home, paint color use is as important as paint type. If you are not sure if your colors will create a beautiful finished product, or if you are unsure of the color balance of your chosen hues, call the Pro Brush Painting experts at 817-789-5441 to find the perfect palette for your home.